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Renault Clio PCP

Hi there, I am wanting to go for a Renault Clio on a pcp as it's only £169 a month. I was wondering if I was the right candidate for one as I really like them! I have had a job for a year now while also at college and receiving a student loan. I am on the electoral roll and have a overdraft which is always repaid on time and a contract phone which I have never missed a payment. Please help me as I dont want to be rejected at the dealer. I am 19 also.

Posted by Shaun R on


Hi Shaun, due to your age and lack of credit you may struggle without a guarantor. Is it possible to get a family member, friend or partner to help you out? If not we can try and get you approved on your own and we do have a chance as you're employed, on the electoral roll and have some clean credit which is great. I take it you have a full UK licence? Kind Regards, Edwin

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Yeah, i have had a driving licence since I was 17. Would there be any credit companies which will give me credit for a car and how much would I be allowed? Just so I know for the future if I keep my file as good as it already is what age do you think I could get Renault finance? Thanks you have been a great help

Posted by Shaun R on


Hi Shaun, the amount we can lend (if we get you approved) can be dependent upon how much deposit you have. Do you have a deposit? If you keep you credit profile as clean as you can i'd imagine you'd be able to get Renault finance once you hit 21-22.

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