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Can I get car finance when Receiving Personal Independence Payments (PIP)?

Hi Edwin,
I would like to upgrade the car I currently have is on finance. Since I got the last car, I have been rendered unable to work and am now on ESA and PIP. I have fair credit (as I fell behind on a couple payments when I left work), and now I'm in a situation where I'm on top of my payments and can afford to get a new car. My current car is worth less than my settlement cost (which I can’t afford to pay outright), what options do I have?

Posted by Sharon F on


Hi Sharon

I hope we can help you with this. We do actually have a variety of lenders on our panel who are able to help people on PIP and ESA. We just need to know what income you are currently receiving, so please make sure you put this on your application.

To upgrade your old car, we do have the option to part exchange when you choose a new vehicle. We do actually have lenders that can help when your car is less than you owe by simply adding the negative equity on to your new loan. You will first need to make an application, and if approved your lender will help you through this process.

Your credit isn’t too bad either! And the fact that you are now on top of your finances is great. We do have lenders that have been able to help people in similar situations in the past, so will definitely try our best to help you get a new car.

When you’re ready, please make an application and if approved you can choose a car from any reputable dealer in the UK.

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