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Declined car finance by Santander

Hi there, I hope you can help.

I have had my car on finance for 2 years. I went back to the same dealership to trade my car in but Santander (who the current finance is with) have refused me because I have moved house too often recently.

I have never missed a payment and have been in my job for longer and earn more than when I applied 2 years ago. Is this correct that they can refuse me just because I have moved house a lot? Please help!

Posted by Zoe on


Hi Zoe, thank you for your question. There could be numerous reasons why you have been declined.

It does seem strange though that Santander have declined you when all your payments have been kept up to date. Have you any other forms of credit where you have fallen behind with payments or are you up to your credit limits on credit cards etc?

Either way, I'm confident we'd be able to help get you approved as we have many lenders on our panel who offer some market leading rates. From what you have said you have a good credit history and a stable job. Please make an application and once approved we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer in the UK. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hello, I defaulted on my bank account and made late / missed payments on my contract phone and now have bad credit.

I desperately need finance to get a safe and reliable family car. I'm paying back money owed which is no more then £3000 and i earn £1300 each month after tax and the defaults etc were last year, Santander turned me down can you help?

Posted by James G on


Hi James, we can help individuals who have been turned down from Santander as we have many other lenders on our panel who even approve people who have had defaults in the past.

Please make an application when you get a few spare minutes. Kind Regards, Edwin

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I also currently have a loan with Santander and just asked for another one as I need a bigger car. The monthly payments have gone down yet they have still refused me. I had 1 late payment in 3 and a half years! and apparently I have given the wrong address and lived at another address for 4 years!?!

Posted by Kayleigh on


I have an Experian score of 950, I earn£36,000. I have a joint mortgage with my wife and one other personal loan for £8,000 with the credit union. We need a new car at £14,500 and have a £1000 deposit. Just been declined with Santander and don't want to affect rating further. Do you think we could get credit?

Posted by Colty on


Hi Colty, as you have a good income and a high credit score i'm more than confident we can get you approved for car finance even though you have been refused car finance by Santander. You also seem to have a good amount of active credit with your other personal loan and your mortgage so as long as these accounts are in good health i'm more than confident we can help. Please apply when you can and we'll aim to get you into a new car next week. Have a good weekend. Edwin

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