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Chances of car finance with satisfied defaults / debts

Hi, I have a poor credit score through previous defaults, although have no CCJ's. I have just now satisfied all previous debts but my score has not gone up yet!

I am looking at getting a vehicle loan of up to £30,000 ideally and wondered, if I were to be approved, which vehicles I can choose from through your finance?

My income is £47500 pa with an extra £565 per month car allowance - what are the chances of getting approved through yourselves as my credit 'score' remains low? I have £15k savings which can be used as deposit if necessary. Thanks

Posted by John on


Hi John, thank you for your question and apologies for the delayed response.

With such a good income and such a large deposit i have one lender in mind that should be able to help. As your debts are now satisfied that helps matters too.

Please make an application and once approved you can choose a car from any reputable dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hello, I have several defaults all of which are paid off and I have a satisfied judgement from 2008. Please could you let me know my chances of obtaining credit? I have 1 debt I'm paying off and that's it but I know I wouldn't be able to get a credit card etc. the debt was from about 6 years ago, I'm just about getting myself sorted and my credit rating is currently improving. Can you help?

Posted by Ross on


Hi Ross. The main thing is that you are showing that you are trying to improve your credit through reducing any debts. It is hard to say without seeing an application whether we would be able to gain an acceptance. However we do deal with most lenders currently on the market including those who will lend to people who have experienced credit profiles thus we may be your best option at the moment. I hope I have answered your question. Edwin

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