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Approved Car Finance with Average credit

Hi Edwin, I have an average credit score according to Experian. Can you get me approved for car finance?

Posted by Michaela L on


Hi MIchaela, i'm ultra confident that we can get you approved for a car loan if you have average credit. We usually help lots of customers who have a bad or poor credit history so getting you accepted shouldn't be an issue. Please make an application for car finance and we'll be in touch shortly. Thank you, Edwin

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Hi, I have a fairly good credit rating of 760 which is above the national average. Yet still I am having problems getting credit as over the years I have stayed away from having credit. I'm on the electoral role, no missed payments. Can you help as I would like to buy a car worth £10,000 which on my salary is affordable? Thanks

Posted by Louise on


Hi Louise, it seems a little strange you keep getting declined as if you're on the electoral roll and haven't missed any payments you should be getting approved with ease. What credit do you have (if any)? This may be the cause but i'm not sure until i see your credit profile. Where have you applied as this will help me aide my decision? Have you just applied at high street lenders? Lastly, do you have a deposit as £10,000 is quite a large sum of money. We could potentially get you the whole £10,000 but our lenders like to see some form of commitment. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi. I am looking to get credit for a new car. I wonder how I will get on. I want to buy a car worth £16700 and put down £5000 deposit. I have a salary of £52k per year. My credit report reads 371 with equifax which I believe is average. I moved house in December and have submitted my name to council but doesn't seem to show up yet. All my previous address's`s had me registered and this is shown. I have two o2 contracts which I have not missed payment for in 4 years, I have capital one credit car which I have started to use and clear every month. I have freemans which I have never missed payment on. I had an old talk talk mobile which I also never made any late payments. I have made 4 late payments to studio in the last year, the reason for this was that i kept asking them to set up a direct debit and it never got done, this was at a time when my mother was poorly. What do you think my chances are?? I want to get a car this year and show that i can pay it no bother, then next year to get a mortgage. Thanks Liam

Posted by Liam Simpson on


Hi Liam, as you have a large deposit, a good income and some current clean credit i'm confident we'd get you approved for the amount you need. Please apply when you get a moment. Regards, Edwin

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Posted by Hannah davis on

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