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Car loan with an unsatisfied default

Hi, I currently have an unsatisfied default of £1,350 on a loan and have a credit score of 530. This was due to a period in my life last year where I had lost my job and had no possible of way of making repayments. I'm now in a permanent job earning £13K and could afford a deposit of £500-600. What car loans could be offered to me if any at all?

Posted by Xavier on


Hi Xavier, as you're now earning a decent wage and would be able to place down a deposit there is a chance we could get you £4000 to £5000. Would that be sufficient? As long as you are you on the electoral roll and have some clean current credit we should be in action. Have you made any arrangements to clear the unsatisfied default too? Kind Regards, Edwin

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In regards to the default I make regular payments to clear it off. I also make regular payments on my credit cards and will be going past 6 months of no missed payments. I was looking at the Peugeot 308 you had just over £6K could you elaborate on the sort of figures I'd require for that vehicle please?

Posted by Xavier on


Hi Xavier, the £500 deposit would be fine for that car. The finance repayments each month all depend upon how long you'd wish to borrow the £5500. Most people finance this amount over 48 months and if this was the case for you then you would be looking to pay £160 to £180 per month approximately. How does this sound? Kind Regards, Edwin

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