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Do you have to pay any upfront fees to get car finance?

Hi there, I was looking through your website and i was wondering if you had to pay an upfront fee before you can check if you can get me car finance. Thanks x

Posted by gemma on


Hi Gemma, very simply we do not charge any upfront fees to get you accepted. You can apply free of charge and we'll hopefully be in touch with good news that you're approved. If approved there may well be a £149 fee to pay before the deal completes however, this is dependent upon which lender you are approved with and your advisor will make you aware of this on the initial call. The fee is refundable should the deal not proceed. We also ask you to sign our fee letter before we take the fee on a credit or debit card.

Please make an application and once approved you can choose a car from any reputable dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi, I wonder if you'll be able to help. I'm looking to buy a secound car however, i do have a bad credit rating as over the years it has been a bit battered. However all my existing loans have been settled but there are defaults and two ccj's on my record which i have no idea on how to clear and they are for small amounts. I didn't want to finance another car but as both me and my partner have changed rolls in our company it has become hard to get to work and sort out transort. I have no other loans or behind on any of my house hold payments. I'm looking to borrow £3900 but can reduce that with a deposit of around £200. looking at your calculator of £200 pm is resonable and affordable as we both work and have a fairly good salary. Would your company be able to help in this.

Posted by Anthony Young on


Hi Anthony, we should be able to help as you're both employed and have good incomes. Are you looking to make a joint application as this may improve your chances of being approved?

There are no fees to pay up front initially and when we get you approved you can pick your new car from any dealer nationwide. The fact that you have a £200 deposit is good news too. We'd love to help so please make an application when you're ready and we'll go from there. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi, after reading over some of the questions and answers on here i feel it will probably benefit me to ask and explain my circumstances direct.

In may of next year i am hoping to get a car on finance. My credit rating is very poor at present around 515 but by next may all being well It will probably improve slightly to within the poor parameter. 560+ I am in full time employment/electoral roll etc and by then shall be on around 18,000+.

Either way regardless of my credit status, my Father has agreed to make a joint application (I wouldn't request for him to solely apply for me, so its essential we apply together) He has a strong credit score around 800+ minimum currently at 900+ but he is looking for a mortgage at the same time so could be slightly reduced.

I will have a deposit of around £3000+ and I am looking for a car around £10,000 on finance. How likely is it that you would be able to help? What sort of APR rates and figures would we see. Without applying I appreciate it may be hard to provide me a definitive answer but would love an estimation to see what you could do to help?

Posted by Michael James on


Hi Michael, thank you for your question.

Firstly, we'd love to help you get finance for a new car in May next year. The good news is that we have lenders that help people with past credit problems get car finance. As you have said your credit score will improve between now and then anyway.

You seem to have a good income and adding your father as a guarantor will obviously strengthen your application. The large deposit will also help. It's very difficult to give an APR without seeing your financial situation on paper so I really can't quote a rate. You'd have to apply for a no obligation quote when the time is right.

Please make an application when you're ready and once approved you can choose a car from any reputable dealer. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi I have been approved for finance with your company have sent wage slips in the lender is called Moneyway, but I have to pay £149 up front I want to no if I pay this will I definitely get the finance, thanks.

Posted by Harris on


Hi Harris, thank you for your question.

To be honest, the £149 fee is refundable if the deal does not proceed so I wouldn't worry too much.

Kind Regards, Edwin

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