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Can a finance company repossess your vehicle or car?

Hi Edwin, i'm falling behind with a few of my car finance monthly payments. My question is can the finance company repossess my car? I'm worried that this may happen. Can you give me any advice or help?

Posted by Summer on


Hi, i have missed 2 months on my hire purchase agreement and they are threatning to repossess my car, what can i do?

Posted by Arlene H on


Hi Arlene - thank you for your question and i'm sorry to hear about your current position. I need to understand a little bit more about your finances before i can give any constructive advice. Are you missing payments due to being out of work etc? If you are out of work do you have any payment protection insurance? If not, have you spoken with your current finance supplier and discussed a payment holiday for example or the possibility of paying the money back over a longer term? Kind Regards, Edwin

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I have had my car on finance for 5 years I have 3 months owing in total. Can the finance company repposses the car still ? Thank you in advance Paul

Posted by Paul Morgan on


Hi Paul, if you're not making your payments on time then yes the finance company can take the vehicle back even though you only have so few payments left to make. My advice would be to get up to date and settle the agreement ;-)

Posted by on


Hello, I received car finance in October 2013. In December i was charged with a drink driving offence and lost my licence for 16 month.

I told this to my finance company and they repossessed my car. I never missed a payment and wanted to keep my car. My partner will be driving but they told me that I can't do this. Can they reposes the car if I have been charged for drink driving?

Posted by Remis Lukosius on


Hi Remis, thank you for your question.

All finance companies have different criteria but i do know that some will take the car away if you have a drink driving conviction. They wouldn't do it f it wasn't in their T&C's. I also know that finance companies don't like it when other parties are driving the car in question.

Have you thought about letting your partner apply for car finance? If so, please make an application here and once approved you can choose a car from any dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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