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Can my Mum get car finance for me?

My question is i don't have a good credit rating but my mum does. Can she get me a car in finance?

The only thing is that her wages go into my account - how will that work?

Posted by William on


Hi William, thank you for your question.

If your mother wanted to get you a car, she couldn't do this through a hire purchase agreement (where the loan is secured against the car), as this finance option would rely on your mother being the cars owner and main driver.
We do have a few personal loan lenders on our panel so, if your Mum wanted to she could apply for a loan, which could then be used to buy you a car. That would be her decision though and she would need a UK bank account and be able to prove her income if requested.

The fact that you have a less than perfect credit rating doesn't mean that we cannot help, however. We actually work with a number of lenders that help people with past credit issues. Obviously, we can't guarantee an approval but we'll certainly try our best to help.

Please make an application when you're ready to do so and if approved, you can choose a car from any reputable dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi I'm after a range rover sport or 6 series bmw, I can't seem to find any on your site although there is hundreds on the web, can I buy from say autotrader or not? Also could my mum get the finance for me and it come from my account as I have bad credit?

Posted by Martin Skipp on


Hi Martin, Thanks for using our Q&A.

Here at Carfinance247 we allow you to choose a vehicle from any reputable dealership in the UK if approved.

The fact that you have bad credit doesn't necessarily mean that we cannot help - we actually work with a number of lenders that specialise in providing finance to those with poor credit histories.
If your mum wanted to get a car for you, this would need to be through a personal loan whereby she uses the funds to buy you a car as a gift. The payments would be taken from your mother's bank account. We do have lenders that can offer personal loans, should this be of interest.

If you'd like to make an application, we'll see what we can do for you. If approved, we'll provide you with a no obligation quote so that you can see what's on offer. Kind regards, Edwin.

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