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Lost my house due to divorce - can i get approved car finance?

I went through a bad divorce 4 years ago and lost my house and ended up paying the depts which i currently pay 220pcm to a dept management company. would i be able to get £2500 for a car loan. i remarried 3 years ago and my wife is a home owner but decided not to put my name on the mortgage due to my bad depts, i am in a full tome job and earn £2000 pcm

Posted by michael maher on


Hi Michael, there is a chance that we can get you approved for car finance as i'd imagine your credit has improved over the last few years since your run of bad luck. If we can get you approved £2500 won't be a problem. To get a better rate have you thought of placing the car finance in your current wife's name? Kind Regards, Edwin

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My current wife had to remortgage her home to pay her ex husband off so she thinks that her credit limit is maxed. i wanted to try for credit to try and get my score back up which i know will take a long time as the depts i incurred amounted to a very large sum. i'm just trying to get my feet back on the ground, i know i wouldnt make this mistake of credit cards ever again i have learnt to live without those for the last four years and it was those that didnt help me with the repayments

Posted by Michael Maher on


Hi Michael, sorry for the late reply. Please make an application and we'll try our best to get you approved. We can't guarantee anything but we have the best chance of getting an acceptance. If you get declined i'd advise getting all your debt cleared before applying again and then apply for a small loan with your bank to build your history back up again. Hopefully we can help though. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi there, i have bad credit due to the divorce i went through & i am trying to get car finance. I take home £1100 per month and i've been in the same job for 10 yrs. Is it worth trying for finance and how much finance could i get? Thanks, Jane

Posted by Jane on


Hi Jane, it's always worth trying as we specialise in helping those who have had a few blemishes in the past. How bad is your credit? Could you elaborate a little? We'd need to see your credit profile first before telling you whether we could help or not. Sometimes things aren't as bad as people think but each case is different. Have you applied to any other internet finance companies? If so, what have they said? Thanks, Edwin

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