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Range Rover Evoque Finance

Hi Edwin, i'm after a bit of advice.

I have a good income but don't have the best credit history although it has improved greatly in the past 18 months (all debts paid off etc and all current agreements paid on time.)

I have an income of £60k per annum and have a £10,000 deposit towards a Range Rover Evoque i have seen at a local dealership. The car is priced at £38,000 so need £28,000 finance.

Is this something you can cater for? Regards, Roberta

Posted by Roberta S on


Hi Roberta, thank you for your question.

With a large deposit, a good income and a current clean credit profile, we should be able to get you approved for the finance required.

We do have lenders that help people with a bad credit history but who would like a more expensive car. You certainly tick all the required boxes, so we'd be fairly confident that we could help you with car finance.

If approved you can choose any car from any reputable dealership, and we just send the funds for your new car directly to the supplying dealer. I hope this helps and we look forward to receiving your application.

Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hi Edwin, my credit is showing currently 926 yet I was still turned down by the dealer for £28k. I earn £45k plus and I receive a £425 allowance from my employer. I want a new Chevrolet and have my current Captiva for £7k deposit. Can you help - really desperate?

Posted by Helena on


Hi Edwin, My wife and I are planning to buy a Range Rover Evoque which comes up to £31000. We were planning to part exchange our 2005 Toyota Celica but we're not sure about the valuation of our old car and the amount of loan we should apply for. Both me and my wife work full time and would apply for a joint loan application. We are looking for the best option and we are confused between choosing the dealership or apply from car finance. Thanks, Regards Keith.

Posted by Keith on


Hi Helena, as you have a good income, a large deposit and a good credit score, we should be able to get you approved for the car and the amount you need. Please apply when you get a moment. Regards, Edwin

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Hi Keith, apologies for the delayed response.
We'd love to be able to help get you approved for finance for a Range Rover Evoque. Making a joint application with your wife will increase the chance of being approved as we can use both of your income. I'd apply for the £31000 and make a note on the application that you have a part-exchange available. If you include a few details of the car e.g. registration and mileage, we'll be able to get a rough idea of how much this is worth, therefore how much deposit you will have.
If approved, you can choose your Evoque from any reputable dealership and we will pay them directly. Please apply when you are ready. Edwin

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Hi, my wife's Range Rover Evoque is due to be returned or exchanged. There is £22,000 outstanding on the balloon payment.

I wanted to trade it in against another Evoque but got turned down for the finance. I am now looking at raising the £22000 to buy the car outright but am worried about applying for credit elsewhere as my bank have told be that they cannot lend me the money.

I can probably contribute £5,000 as a deposit - could you help?

Posted by David H on


Hi David, thank you for your question.

After reading your comments, I think that we should be able to provide you with the finance that you need to pay off the balloon payment that is due.

We do have lenders on our panel who help those who have previously been declined by their bank and having a large £5000 deposit will strengthen your application.

Please make an application as soon as you are ready. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Good day, I am looking for a loan to purchase a Range Rover Evoque which i was turned down for due to my bad credit history which i believe is now clear.

I am a specialist nurse on about £52,000 per year. I can afford a deposit of about £12,000 which will include my present car that's worth £3000. I will require a loan of £30,000 to be paid back within 5 years. Can you help please?

Posted by Habibat Bamigboye on


Hi Habibat, thank you for your question.

With a large deposit, a good income and the fact that you're on top of your debts, I'm pretty confident that we can get you accepted for £30,000 over 5 years!

Please make an application and if approved, you can choose a car from any reputable dealer and we also provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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