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0% car finance due to religious beliefs

Hi, I am a sole trader and from time to time customers ask for car finance. However, due to religious beliefs I can only recommend or provide 0% finance.

Do you work with sole traders if they refer customers to you or have a system set up so traders can use the system? Thank you for your time, much appreciated.

Posted by Pro-Performance cars on


Hello, thanks for your question.

Yes, we can offer 0% car finance as long as your client(s) are willing to accept a charge from us to provide the deal otherwise we lose money.

We have an affiliates area whereby you can submit proposals to us and if we do a deal with the customer we can pay you commission.

If you want to apply for 0% car finance now please make an application here and once approved we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer.

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I would like to purchase a car on 0 percent finance, for religious reasons but have bad credit, would this be a possibility?

Posted by Mr David Griiffith on


Hello David,

Thank you for your question. We can offer 0% car finance however, you must have a good credit history. As you have bad credit we wouldn't be able to provide this unfortunately.

Posted by on


Hi, you mention in one of your 'religious belief' posts that you can lend on a 0% finance basis, however you'd need to charge a fee.

If you still offer this, what would be the fee for borrowing £10,000 towards purchasing a car, and what does the fee actually represent exactly?

Posted by Jamal Parekh on


Hi Jamal, thank you for your question.

We need to charge a fee on a 0% deal as we actually lose money from lending at that rate (a subsidy). The lenders we deal with obviously borrow money from banks etc and they certainly don't get it for free!! With a 0% deal you're effectively getting free money.

The fee covers our losses on the finance deal, our time and our processing costs (search costs, fraud checks, dealer checks, HPI checks etc etc).

We're obviously not a registered charity so need to make money in some way. The fee needed to be added on a £10,000 vehicle would be circa £1,000. We can also only offer 0% deals to people with good credit. Please make an application if needed. Kind Regards, Edwin

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