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Credit rating of 723 with 2 defaults - can i get car credit?

Hello, I have a 723 credit rating, 2 defaults and everything else is satisfactory. I earn £60k, am on the electoral register, have £5000 deposit for a car and want to borrow £15000.

What are my chances of getting finance for this car?

Posted by Michael S on


Hi Michael, thank you for your question. As you have a fair credit score and a large £5000 deposit, we should be able to get you approved for the £15,000 that you need.

The fact that you have a good income and are on the electoral register will help too. I have one lender in mind who help customers with defaults but large deposits so please make an application when you get a few spare moments.

If approved, we provide a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer. Have a good evening. Edwin

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Hi, I am 57 years old and never had finance on anything. I have applied for credit a few times and always been refused. I think I have a credit rating of zero.

I only want to borrow £2000 over 18 months for a car and I have the deposit of £ 1000. How do I get around this problem?

Posted by Kris H on


Hi Kris, thank you for your question.

I'd like to think we'd be able to help if you have a UK bank account and a contract mobile phone. Is this the case? Also, we'd need you to have a UK licence and be able to prove your income.

We'll certainly try our best to get you approved and we do have many lenders on our panel so please apply when you can. Kind Regards, Edwin

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