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Van finance in wife's name. V5 in my name. Who is the legal owner?

Hi, my wife has finance, for a van, and i've paid every payment for it. Unfortunately we now have split. She is saying she'll take the van away - can she do this as i have proof of paying?

The logbook is also in my name as is the insurance. Just the finance is in her name & i'm over 50% of the way to paying it off. Please can you help with my question?

Posted by Lee on


Hi Lee, apologies for the late response.

If the V5 / Logbook is in your name then this just means you are responsible for taxing and insuring the car. It doesn't necessarily mean you are the legal owner (The small print on the V5 document says: This form does not mean you are the legal owner. IE, if on finance, the finance company is legal owner you are just the registered keeper).

If the finance is in your wife's name then she is responsible for paying for it and if she doesn't this will effect her credit history. Basically, until all the payments have been made to the finance company they actually still have legal title to the van.

In a nutshell if you can prove you've been paying for the car you should be fine but the finance company still legally own the van until all payments have been made. Who was the initial purchase invoice made out to? You or your wife? I hope that this can be resolved amicably though. Kind Regards, Edwin

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If I take finance out for a car through you can I name my wife as the legal owner?

Posted by Kris on


Hi Kris, whoever's name is on the finance agreement has to be on the V5 document as the owner.

However, if you took the finance out in your name you could register both of your names on the V5 registration document. I hope this helps. Edwin

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Hi there, I bought my ex wife a car using a cash advance via a 0% credit card deal. I was the registered keeper on the logbook but she has changed that.

She has been paying the money back but as the credit is in my name it is effecting my options as its shown as outstanding finance in my name.

What are my options as I would like it either transferred or paid off.

Posted by John Adams on


Hi John, thank you for your question.

As you can prove you purchased the car on your credit card then you "should" have title to the car. I take it that the purchase invoice for the car was made out in your name too? However, there may be a slight issue as your wife may have a claim on the car as she has been making payments to you. I'm not a lawyer so you may need to take a little legal advice in this situation. In hindsight you should have kept the V5 in your name until the balance was cleared in full. As you paid for the car via a credit card the finance interest shouldn't be attached to the vehicle. In a way it's a personal loan rather than hire purchase.

The only way to deal with the situation is for your ex-wife to clear the outstanding balance by paying you in full or if she can't do that then you could ask her to sell the car to clear the balance left over. Kind Regards, Edwin

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My ex took a van out on finance in her name which is half paid by me, she's now saying as I'm using the van the finance company can come to me for the payment/payments? am I liable for any payments?

Posted by Dean Edgar on


Hi Dean, thank you for your question.

As the finance agreement is in your ex-partners name, she is liable to make the payments, however technically she should also be in possession of the vehicle.

Kind Regards, Edwin

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Posted by Joanne Rogers on

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