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Car Lease For a 12 Month Old BMW 320d

Good morning, I hope that you can help; I have had a company car for the past 15 years and am moving to an organisation that pays an allowance instead. I am looking to lease a car that I have found - a 12 month old BMW 320d with 11k on the clock being sold by a BMW dealer; do you consider leases on non-new cars? Also, my credit is not what it should be, yet I have someone willing to stand guarantor - is this possible? Kind regards, Scott

Posted by Scott D on


Hi Scott, we do offer lease deals on nearly new cars and the BMW you mentioned fits the bill but obviously we need to get you approved first. As you say you don't have a perfect credit history it would be best to apply with a guarantor is this is possible as it'd improve our chances. I take it you can prove your income, have a full UK licence and some current clean credit at your current address? Please apply if so. Have a good evening. Edwin

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