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Declined for car credit - please help!

Hi Edwin, myself and my partner are looking for a car finance or loan.

I have done a credit check on credit expert and my score came back as 960 out of 999 which was good but, something on my file is stopping me from obtaining credit. I think it may be because the length I've had some accounts and missed payments in the past as-well as having a debt which is being paid off.

We really need a car. Can you help please? I don't want to keep applying in-case we get rejected and this will bring my credit down. I'm now more mature with my money and know how to look after my finances as we have been to the bank to sort out how much we can afford monthly on repayments on a car. Look forward to hearing from you.

Posted by Dawn on


Hi Dawn, thank you for your detailed question.

If your credit score is what you say it is then we'll be able to get you approved with no issues at all. I'm more than confident that we can help you get into a new car. We do have lenders that help people with missed payments so this shouldn't stop us. The rate you pay though will be higher than what you see high street banks offering.

Do you mind me asking where you have applied over the past month or so and the feedback you've received? You say you have a debt that you're paying off - how much is the outstanding debt? How much can you afford to spend on a car each month, do you have a cash or part exchange deposit and what car do you have your eye on?

Please apply when you are ready and once approved we offer a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealer. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Hello, I really need a car to travel to work every day (about 60 miles) and in my opinion it is pointless to buy a car for £500 as those types of cars keep breaking down and need fortunes spending on them to fix.

I would like to buy a good car and the power to enjoy driving it but my credit score makes it impossible for me to get car credit. Please help!

Posted by Bartek Stadnik on


Hi Bartek, thank you for your question.

We can't guarantee an approval but we do have over 15 lenders on our panel, most of which help people with poor credit histories. I totally agree with your point in not buying a cheap used car as they can cost as much to fix as what they are worth.

As long as you have 3 years UK address history, are employed, have a UK driving licence and are on the electoral roll we'll have a good chance of helping. A deposit always helps too.

When you can please make an application and if approved we offer a no obligation quote and you can buy a car from any dealership. Kind Regards, Edwin

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