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Private Car Finance

Hi Edwin, i wanted a little bit of advice.

I'm after finance for a car that I've located however the car isn't at a dealer but being sold by a private advertiser (via Autotrader). Can your company provide finance for a private car sale?

Please let me know asap. I have decent credit and a good income and require £8000. Please help. Rob

Posted by Robert Nolan on


Hi Robert, thank you for your question.

We actually work with a number of lenders who can finance private sales, and this would be through the provision of a personal loan rather than a hire purchase.

We do strongly recommend that you get an RAC or AA car check carried out against the vehicle to ensure that the car isn't going to cause you any problems further down the line.

As you have good credit and a healthy income, the £8000 that you need shouldn't be a problem. Please make an application when you're ready and, if approved, we provide a no obligation quote so that you can see what's on offer. Kind regards, Edwin

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Hi, I currently have finance on my car but it is due to expire in the upcoming months. I have seen a car I like from a private seller. Do you offer finance for cars that are sold from private sellers instead of dealers? It is an issue I keep having difficulty with. Regards, Megan

Posted by Megan on


Hi Megan, we do indeed finance cars from private individuals. As long as the car is HPI clear and we see that the person selling the car is the true owner we'll be fine (we need to see the V5 registration document in the sellers name and proof of their ID - drivers licence or passport. This has to match). We do also advise a car check from the RAC for example to check things over. This will protect you from buying a banger. I hope this helps. Edwin

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My current car is bought on Finance in my name and I'm coming up to the balloon payment to buy it outright which I want to do (circa £9000).

The finance is in my name but I'd like the new car finance to be in my wife's name. How would I go about that? The only way I can think is for me to get a loan to buy the car and then my wife to take out car finance to buy the car off me.

Would the above work? Can you provide finance to buy a car off a partner? Is there an easier way? Thanks

Posted by Ben on


Hi Ben, thank you for your question.

The solution is very easy. We just need your wife to apply for finance with us and once approved we'll send the funds to your current finance company to settle the balloon payment. Is this what you need to happen?

If so, Please make an application and once approved we provide a no obligation quote. Kind Regards, Edwin

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