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Cancel Audi Finance

Hi Edwin, I currently have a finance agreement with Audi Finance and wish to cancel it as I can no longer afford the car and want something smaller. I have a settlement figure of £25,200 and the value of the car is £21,000. I have £3000 cash as a means of deposit. Can you help me cancel the deal and get into another car?

Posted by Alex K on


Hi Alex, thank you for your question.

We are often able to help people cancel their current finance agreements and get them into new deals. Your issue seems to be the amount of negative equity you are experiencing (£4200). The great news is that you have £3000 cash to cover some of this shortfall. This still leaves £1200 approx that will need to be refinanced as the finance with Audi will need clearing before we can get you a new deal. We do, however, have lenders that will consider covering negative equity and adding this on to new car finance, so we may still be able to help. What car do you have your eye on next? A smaller Audi or a different manufacturer?

Remember, if approved with Carfinance247, you can choose your car from any reputable dealership nationwide. Have a good evening. Edwin

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