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Bad experience with welcome car finance in the past

Hello, I have bad credit and wonder if I could get car finance with you. I also notice that you use welcome finance as one of the companies to go to. I would prefer if it you didn't approach them as i had a bad time with them. I am also in Glasgow and have seen a car I like at £1595. Can i get this car or do i have to buy one of your cars?

Posted by gerald wallace on


Hi Gerald, apologies for the delayed response. To be honest Welcome car finance are no longer lending funds for car purchases so we can't go to them anyway. We supply the car and the finance so you'd have to have one of our cars but the minimum we lend is £4000. Is this going to be an issue? Edwin

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Hello, i have recently had a car crash and my car has been written off. I was wondering if i could get any help. I'm in a trust deed and therefore have a bad credit rating and i have had bad experience with welcome car finance.

Posted by Emma on


Hi Emma, we'll certainly try and help out. Has your old Welcome car finance agreement been settled yet or not? Also are you on the electoral roll and do you have any current clean credit accounts? Kind Regards, Edwin

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I see you deal with welcome finance. I was after a loan for £2000 for a car i have seen but i have had a bad time with welcome, also do we have to pick a car from you?

Posted by Gerald on


Hi Gerald, if approved for car finance you can select a car from any dealer nationwide. The minimum loan value we do though is £3000.

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