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Can i get my deposit back on a car? Please help

Hello, i paid a deposit on a car yesterday and signed the standard contract.

Then my circumstances changed later that day so i rang the dealer who informed me that i'm now in a contract and that he will keep my £1900 deposit and if he sells the car for less than advertised he will come back to me for more money!!

All this has happened within 24 hours.

Posted by Phil on


Hi Phil, has the dealer spent any money preparing the car for you? If so, he may be entitled to some compensation but certainly not £1900. When you signed for the car what exactly did you sign? Finance documents, an order form or a purchase invoice or both? If you just signed an order form these are, in the main, un-enforceable agreements even though it may say "non-refundable deposit".

I suggest you have a civil conversation with the dealer and see if you can come to an amicable agreement. Why have you changed your mind so suddenly? It seems strange to leave nearly £2000 deposit for a car, sign documents and then change your mind so suddenly. Kind Regards, Edwin

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