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Fortis Lease UK - Car Finance Issues

Fortis Lease have requested that I pay £330 following the damage assessment carried out on my car when I took it to auction after VT. They are asking for £175 for paint work on the left door (I didn't have a clue about this a I've had no body work done to the car at all) and £55 each for two scuffed alloys (on buying the car the salesman said he would get them 'cleaned up' for me).

I guess with me not being car savvy I didn't think to check on collecting the car. Where do I stand? As there is no way I'm paying for damages when they were already there? The remainder of the money they say I owe is a small dent where someone has opened their car door onto it.

With it being a 6 year old car does general wear and tear not account for anything? I phoned the auction company and the car has been sold. How do I know that the work was even carried out? Kind regards, Rachael

Posted by Rachael Rutherford on


Hi Rachael, thank you for your question. This tactic isn't un-common if i'm being honest, but you should have been fully aware of the charges before the car went through auction.

The likelihood is that the car didn't make as much as Fortis thought so, they are coming back after you for some charges. My recommendation would be to read your original agreement and look to see if they have the right to come after you for "wear & tear" items if you have voluntarily terminated your agreement. If they do and it is in black & white i'd get on the phone to a manager at Fortis Lease to complain.

See where this gets you as some people i've spoken with in the past get the charges dropped completely - most however, come to an agreement. I hope this helps you a little. Kind Regards, Edwin

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Many thanks for your speedy response. I've read through the Fortis finance docs and it states 'the vehicle must be in good condition and in a state which shows you have complied with your obligations to maintain it under this Agreement'. I'm confused as to what this actually means? Thank you in advance for your help. Rachael

Posted by Rachael Rutherford on


Hi Rachael, the wording seems very non-descriptive to me. It leaves a lot to be negotiated as it is their word against yours as to the condition of the car. If the agreement doesn't go into any more detail you are in a good place to negotiate down the cost of the repairs. Kind Regards, Edwin

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