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What does the car you drive say about you?

They say that first impressions last and there is no doubt that we all make assumptions about people according to various criteria. We may judge them by the way they dress, where they live, their accent or the job they do

Written by Nicole Taylor
Written by Nicole Taylor
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We also judge people by the car they drive and, according to a survey by online discount firm, vouchercloud.com, a person’s car is a key factor in us deciding how attractive they are. In fact, the model of car was a more decisive factor than many other, seemingly more relevant factors.

The survey polled just under 2,000 people and the findings were surprising. Only 11% said that having interests in common was a factor in attraction. Intelligence counted for 17% and confidence was important to 19% of respondents. A person’s job was a factor for 21%. Way out in front, with 57%, was the model of car a person drove. Furthermore, more than a quarter who rated the car as a factor would use the type of car a person drove as a key reason whether or not to start a relationship with that person. So do you have a car that is likely to attract a mate? We take a light-hearted look at some types of car and what they say about you.


1) An electric car

You are not afraid to be different. You are innovative and comfortable with taking chances, sometimes big chances. You are also more likely to live in a city, where journey times and lengths are shorter. But you are probably wealthier than the average city dweller because you need to have a house with a drive or garage in order to charge your car overnight. You are concerned about the environment, are likely to be better educated than average and take an interest in the world around you.


2) A venerable classic

You are likely to be older. You are also perhaps a little nostalgic, harking back to a golden age that may or may not have happened. You are quite likely to be handy with DIY because, let’s face it, you have to be if you drive one of these motors. You may be a little better off than most because this is possibly a second car and you are going to need some funds to keep it on the road. You can see past the allure of a modern, efficient car and are willing to put up with some discomfort to have a little romance in your life.


3) A 4x4

What the 4x4 says about you depends largely on where you live. If you drive an old Defender and live out in the sticks, it probably just says that you are someone who would quite like to make it home in winter. If you live in town, however, it says something entirely different. It may be a little unfair, but the 4x4 in town suffers from a poor environmental image, despite the fact that modern versions can burn no more fuel than some estates or saloons. It is probably not a good idea to park it on the kerb on the school run but on the other hand it suggests that you take the safety of you and yours pretty seriously and you’re not afraid to stand out from the crowd.


4) A prestige German saloon

The German manufacturers have had it all their own way in the prestige saloon sector for many years. Audi, BMW and Mercedes have seen off challenges from the likes of Jaguar, Saab and Volvo to remain in the front row of the executive car park. Driving one of these cars is a badge of success. Clearly, you have had at least some success in life and you are not afraid to let people know about it. The prestige German saloon says you care about quality and style and you are aware of the value of brand.


5) An Alfa Romeo

If you drive an Alfa Romeo, it says that you are not only a true petrol head, you are a true romantic. You know that the Alfa will depreciate faster than an ice cream on a hot summer day but you bought it anyway. You know that it will spend more time in the garage than on the road but it didn’t stop you. You are an optimist and someone whose petrol tank will always be half full, instead of half empty.

Written by Nicole Taylor
Nicole Taylor

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