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Get my quote Rates from 9.9% APR. Representative APR 23.9%
CarFinance 247 is a credit broker, not a lender.
Car Loans | CarFinance 247

Rates from 9.9% APR. Representative 23.9% APR. Hire Purchase (HP) Example: Borrow £10,000 over 5 years with a £0 deposit. Representative APR 23.9% fixed rate. Monthly payment: £274.05. Total cost of credit: £6,442.98. Total amount repayable: £16,442.98. Car Finance 247 Limited is a credit broker not a lender.

We look to find the best product from our panel of lenders and will offer you the best deal that you’re eligible for. We earn a commission for providing our services, but this does not influence the interest rate you’re offered in any way.

By planting a tree for every car finance agreement issued to one of our customers, CarFinance 247 is driving towards a more sustainable future.

Have you been refused car finance? If you have, it can be an extremely stressful situation and you may not know where to turn next. Having your finance declined can also have an impact on your credit rating, so it's natural to feel overwhelmed in these situations.

However, there's no need to worry, as CarFinance 247 is here to help you. Whether you've had your car finance approved then declined, or if it’s just been refused at the first hurdle, we will do our best to find the perfect deal for you.

We believe that vehicle ownership should be available to all, and we understand how stressful it can be to have your finance declined. However, just because you've been refused elsewhere, it doesn't mean you won't be able to find a suitable finance agreement for your needs. Whilst we can't always guarantee a deal, we'll do our best to find one for you. 

If you'd like to see your options, please click the Get my quote button and go through the easy instructions online. Alternatively, if you feel that you need more advice first, please contact our helpful team on 0333 247 1247.

Can I get car finance if I’ve been refused elsewhere?

There are few worse feelings than falling in love with your dream car and losing it because your finance has been refused. It can be embarrassing and it's understandable that you may feel frustrated and upset.

But just because you’ve been declined elsewhere, it doesn’t mean it's the end of the road.

Here at CarFinance 247, we work with a large panel of lenders. This means that we can still look to find the best deal for you, even if you have bad credit or have found it tough to get car finance in the past. And when you get your finance sorted, you can head to a dealership and choose your ideal car with confidence.

Alternatively, if you have a specific car in mind already, we’ll be happy to help you.

Get in touch with our expert team of account managers and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Why has my car finance been refused?

There’s no such thing as guaranteed car finance and there are many reasons why your application can be declined.

Credit scores often play a large part in refused finance applications. It’s good practice to check your free credit report regularly to make sure the information is correct. Having a history of missed payments or financial ties to someone with a bad credit history could also increase the chance of being refused car finance. And if you’ve never borrowed money before and don’t have much of a credit profile, that could also limit the number of lenders who can help.

However, whilst your credit score can be a common factor in your finance being declined, it’s not always the case.

Every situation is different, but other common reasons for your car finance being refused include:

  • Problems with your application (for example, entering the wrong postcode or mistyping your phone number)
  • The type of car chosen
  • Your age
  • Your employment status
  • Your earnings and savings

Just because you've been declined by one finance provider, it doesn't mean you won't be able to find a suitable deal elsewhere. We work with a broad panel of lenders, enabling us to find the best finance agreement for your needs - even if you are affected by the factors mentioned above.

You may want to ask the lender who originally refused you about why your application was rejected. It could be something as small as your details being typed out incorrectly on your application, so being refused isn’t necessarily something to stress about. 

To find out more, please watch this short video.

What can I do if I’ve been refused car finance?

If you’ve been refused car finance, the first question you’re probably asking yourself is why. There’s no harm in asking, and it may help you to understand how you can avoid being declined on your future applications.

Depending on the circumstances and your lender, they might be able to tell you why they couldn’t help you this time. It could be that you need to work on your credit score, you’ve chosen a vehicle that falls outside their criteria, or you’ve made a mistake on your application.

Is poor credit holding you back? A struggling credit history doesn't have to stay that way. Taking small steps to improve your credit score can really add up over time, which may lead to your finance applications being accepted in the future.

If you can, it’s important to wait before making another application. Every time a hard credit search is conducted, it leaves a mark on your credit history. Having too many hard searches in a short period of time could make it more difficult for you to get finance in the future. But if you can’t wait and need to get back on the road as soon as possible, looking at a cheaper car could increase your options.

We may still be able to find a suitable deal if you’ve recently been rejected for car finance. If you'd like to get a free no-obligation quote from us, we'll conduct a soft credit search which won't have a negative impact on your report. All you need to do is click the Get my quote button and follow the instructions.

Can you help if I’ve been refused finance and have bad credit?

The short answer is yes!

If you’ve been refused elsewhere because of your credit score, we could still help. We work with a panel of lenders, which means we can find finance deals for people with a variety of different circumstances. We could even help if you’ve had a CCJ, default or IVA in the past.

Get a no-obligation quote here today.

Why come to us if you’ve been refused car finance?

For us, car finance is all about helping people improve their everyday lives. We always put the customer first, and we believe that everyone who wants a car should have the opportunity to own one.

Whether you need new wheels for the school run or you’re looking to upgrade your daily commute, we’ll look to find you the best car finance deal from our panel of lenders.

Plus, you’ll have a dedicated account manager on hand to help you through the process and speak to the dealership on your behalf.

Why have I been refused?

There’s no such thing as guaranteed car finance and there are many reasons why a car finance application can be refused – it’s not all about your credit score. You might have made a mistake on your application form, entered the wrong postcode, or mistyped your phone number. Maybe you’ve recently changed job, experienced a period of unemployment, or had a few slow months as a self-employed worker. Or maybe the lender you’ve applied to can’t finance the type of car you’ve chosen.

Credit scores can play a part. It’s good practice to check your free report regularly to make sure the information is correct. Having a history of missed payments or financial ties to someone with a bad credit history could also increase the chance of being refused car finance. And if you’ve never borrowed money before and don’t have much of a credit profile at all that could limit the number of lenders who can help too.

What’s next? How to apply for car finance

Are you ready to get started with your new finance deal? It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been refused car finance elsewhere, as the likelihood is that we’ll still be able to find the perfect deal for you.

It all starts with a quote.

Once you’ve been approved by one of our lenders, your personal account manager will contact you to provide a comprehensive explanation of all the details. Your account manager can answer any questions you have and grant you access to our car search – a treasure trove of over 100,000 used cars ready and waiting to find a home.

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