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Creative technology – or Créative Technologie in its native French – is the watchword of this marque. But nothing is new simply for the sake of innovation, rather in order to enhance the driving experience, the practicality and the economy of this make of car.

Creativity has been in play since the company’s very early days in 1919 when it started producing cars using all-steel bodywork rather than the wooden body construction which echoed the horse-drawn carriages that had been used for centuries previously. It was an innovation that set Citroen on the way to continuous creativity in which the technological envelope could be pushed ever forward. Hydropneumatic suspension, for example, disc brakes, power steering, semi auto transmissions, direction headlights – all were pioneered by Citroen as features of mass market cars.

Fuel economy

With zero emissions, zero fuel costs and exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty and congestion charges, the C-Zero is an incredibly frugal purchase. Of the mainstream range, the C1 Supermini returns a respectable 60mpg and 99g/km in CO2 emissions. The DS line tend to be a little more efficient than the mainstream line up, with the DS3 hatchback returning from 91g/km of CO2 and 78.5mpg versus the C3's best offering of 110g/km and 74.3mpg.

Servicing Your Citroen

New Citroens are sold with a generous three year service package and the company subscribes to a fixed price repairs programme. A 36 month or 35,000 mile service package costs £449, which includes scheduled services and brake fluid replacement.

We’ve selected just a few of the latest models just to whet your appetite and very briefly to review what others have thought of these cars.

Citroen C1

The perfect car for simply – and cheaply – getting about town, with bags of personality and street cred. There seems little doubt that French styling creates a snappily compact vehicle. There are 3 and 5 door versions on offer, together with the clever, convertible, Airscape model.

Here’s what some of the industry’s insiders have highlighted about the Citroen C1:

  • light steering makes it perfect for use in the city;
  • gear changing is described as a “delight”;
  • compact; and
  • surprisingly punchy engine.

And the price? A pleasantly economical £7,995. With a good credit score and no deposit you could drive away quickly. How about using Carfinance247 to buy one with no deposit, an excellent credit history, and 48 monthly payments of just £185.79?

Citroen C3

With just a small step up, you could move into the supermini class with Citroen’s C3. The model has seen the light of day before, of course, but this version is fully updated and revised, to produce the kind of car that the critics have described as:

  • stylish;
  • refined;
  • comfortable; and
  • affordable.

With a starting price of just £8,995 you could find out just how affordable this can be by paying just £203.38 over 48 months in our car finance scheme. Based on you having a fair credit score and a £1500 deposit or trade in.

Citroen DS3

The DS3 is a refined and zippy 3-door hatchback, designed to compete with the latest versions of the Mini and light years ahead of Citroen’s first DS lineup which was launched in 1995. Here’s what some of the test drivers had to say about the DS3 range:

  • chic – it is French after all, so that goes almost without saying;
  • an impressive choice of 3 petrol engines and 2 diesel;
  • customisable interior trim;
  • size and space (in the back) compares favourably with the Mini; and
  • hot hatch performance.

The DS3 range of superminis starts at £12,615 – a relative snip if you purchase from Carfinance247, and have a excellent credit score and a deposit of £1000, you could drive away with 60 monthly payments of £221.65.

For a touch of French style and flair about town the Citroen range seems to offer it all – so why not take up that offer and contact us about financing a Citroen.

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