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You only have to say the word for it to conjure up an image of all that is attractive and exciting about owning and driving the piece of precision engineering that is a motorcar. It is not just that Mercedes may have been amongst the first in the game, but the fact that they have continued to stay ahead of it for more than a century.

First a little background and then we have put together a few snapshots of the latest models of Mercedes cars – though such short descriptions are unlikely to do them full justice.

It’s a point historians will argue over, so let’s say that Karl Benz’s Patent Motorwagen of 1886 was probably the world’s first automobile. What’s not in doubt is that Mercedes Benz went on to be one of the greatest car manufacturers of all time. World beating racers, prestigious luxury, tough old trucks and mile-eating buses – the Mercedes marque has excelled in every area.

Fuel economy

As with all cars, miles per gallon achieved will vary between cars according to specification and driving conditions. This is true even of cars that fall within the same model. However, as a guide, the A-Class should achieve around 50-70mpg and the B-Class sports tourer 40-60mpg. The E-Class saloon comes in at around 30-70mpg: if that sounds like a wide range, it is because the E-Class specifications are quite varied, including a hybrid version and specifications that optimise fuel efficiency. The C-Class estate can get 25-55 mpg, the CLA-Class coupe about 50-60mpg and the M-Class SUV around 25-45mpg.

Mercedes Servicing costs

All new Mercedes-Benz cars that are sold through the manufacturer's network come with a comprehensive three year warranty, however this does not cover servicing. Mercedes have a system that they have branded as 'My Service'. This allows owners to choose the level of service that they want for their car, from a range; the 'lite' option is the most cost-effective. Discounts are available for online pre-booking. Owners of Mercedes cars that are over seven years old can choose a 'value' service, with prices ranging from £119 to £159, according to model.

Mercedes A Class

You might not associate Mercedes-Benz with hatchbacks, but that is what the compact Mercedes A Class is. Now into its third generation and 1.5 million sales worldwide, the present Mercedes A Class is a radical departure from its predecessors – and all the better for it, according to many motoring insiders.

Top marks awarded for:

  • the innovative, eye-catching styling and design of this all new compact hatchback;
  • high-class interior design and finish;
  • nimble and agile performance; and
  • fuel economy.

You, too, can own a Mercedes A Class for a starting price of £20,715 on the road – or payments of £431.76 over 60 months –and having a deposit of £2,000 and a fair credit history.

Mercedes E Class

Executive saloons probably don’t come classier than the Mercedes E Class. Its styling is distinctive, not to say dramatic and an impressive lineup of 7 different engines mean that you can choose pretty well the performance you want from this luxury saloon.

The car’s winning ways:

  • attractive, arresting exterior styling;
  • comfortable and classy interior;
  • smooth and powerful performance; and
  • a name against which few other manufacturers can compete.

If you have always wanted to own a high-class, luxury executive saloon, a 2012 Mercedes E Class can be bought for around £15,000 – the equivalent of £348.58 a month over 48 months with an excellent credit history.

Mercedes C Class

Sheer refinement and luxury put the Mercedes C Class in a different league to its closest competitors in the luxury compact executive stakes, the BMW 3 Series and the Audi A4.

What stands out:

  • sheer good looks – be prepared to impress;
  • a wide range of options;
  • rear-wheel drive architecture (MRA);
  • power and economy combined; and
  • all the reliability of one of the longest-established motorcar manufacturers in the business.

What it costs: Mercedes C Class starting price – £26,855. In other words, it could be yours for payments of £455.23 over 60 months. Illustration based on a £3000 deposit and an excellent credit history.

Few marques have the cachet attached to the Mercedes name. Luxury, style, reliability and performance all come at a price, of course, but it is a price that Carfinance247 could help you meet.

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