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Nissan is the sixth largest motor manufacturer in the world and is currently part of a Nissan-Renault Alliance – a partnership in which each company owns a percentage of shares in the other.

We have put together some descriptions of the exciting new examples of some of the latest models in the Nissan range, but first a little background.

Who remembers, for example, back in the day when Nissans were marketed as Datsuns, offering a range of well-built, extensively equipped cars like the Sunny and Cherry. But it was the sporty six cylinder 240Z that really grabbed the motoring world’s attention in 1969. Today’s Nissans have taken the company’s build quality and engineering excellence ethos to the next level.

Nissan Fuel economy

Again, costs will vary according to specification and driving context, but a Micra will probably get around 57 mpg, a Qashqai circa 46mpg and a GT-R approximately 24mpg. The Note achieves in the region of 48mpg, the Pathfinder circa 33mpg and the Juke approximately 47mpg. Several Nissan models are available in both petrol and diesel versions.

Nissan Servicing costs

Nissan offers a fixed price servicing option that gives three levels of service at prices ranging from £109 to £209. They also offer service plans. At time of writing, Nissan are offering three years' low cost servicing on many Qashqai models, with comparable offers throughout their range. Nissan running costs have been described as generally 'mid table'.

Nissan Juke

Is it a hatchback or is it a 4x4? It’s so difficult to tell it’s an intriguing question. It certainly has distinctive, out of the ordinary styling – and all the better for it. As a number of commentators have mentioned, the Juke is a 4x4 at a hatchback price.

Top of the list of impressive features, therefore, are some of the following:

  • affordable 4x4 styling at a hatchback price;
  • great fun to drive;
  • roomier than many other hatchbacks: and
  • comfortably supportive front seats.

The Nissan Juke could be yours for £13,420 or payments of just £270.04 for 60 months. Repayments based on a £500 deposit and you having a good credit history score.

Nissan Micra

Can you believe that the Nissan Micra has been around for some 30 years now – quite long enough, therefore, to have built a rock-solid reputation for reliability and dependability. But this fourth generation supermini has also changed with the times – and certainly enough for the makers to describe it as the New Micra.

So, what has changed for the better on an already excellent small car?:

  • roomier than before;
  • even better value for money than before;
  • greater fuel economy than before; and
  • lower emissions than before.

If you want to take advantage of all these changes for the better the price of a Nissan Micra is a thoroughly reasonable £8,995 – in Carfinance247 terms, just 60 monthly payments of £207.52 – prices based on no deposit and a fair credit history.

Nissan Qashqai

It might be a tricky word to say but the Nissan Qashqai has won plaudits all round for its good looks (a hatchback that thinks it’s an SUV), levels of equipment and performance. Indeed, What Car magazine awarded it Best Car of the Year for 2014.

So, what’s so good about this strangely named vehicle?

  • distinctive name means distinctive styling;
  • choice of three engines – one petrol (1.2 litre) and two diesel (1.5 litre and 1.6 litre);
  • climate control, glass roof and touchscreen GPS; and
  • economical running costs.

Cheaper than an SUV, the Nissan Qashqai weighs in at just £17,995 – the equivalent of 48 monthly payments of £360.09 using a deposit of £2,500 and having an excellent credit history.

At a number of different levels, therefore, Nissan can offer some impressive yet affordable driving – you can afford to be impressed if you contact us to discuss the financing of your purchase.

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